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Livspace introduces the most transparent way to estimate the price of your modular kitchen - it's easy, quick, and just takes five steps. Simply select the options that you would want for your kitchen and leave the math to us. You can also let our kitchen experts work with you to personalize a kitchen that exactly fits your home, taste and budget.

Select a layout for your kitchen

Choose the existing arrangement of your kitchen. Or learn how to choose the right layout

Kitchen measurements

Enter your kitchen's measurements while referring to the illustration of your chosen layout.
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Select a material for your kitchen cabinets and shutters

Marine Ply

A highly durable and waterproof plywood, its endurance makes it ideal for kitchens

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Moisture-resistant high density fibreboard exhibits the same properties as plywood at a substantially lower cost

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PLPB Particle Board

Medium density fiberboard, a composite engineered wood, is known for its strength and consistency

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Select finish for cabinet doors

Base and wall cabinets

Wooden Laminate

For understated elegance, available in both solid colors and variegated wood patterns

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World-class membrane foils allow for a seamless finish and edges exactly matching the front

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A premium high-gloss option with a flawless finish and scratch-resistant properties

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Select accessories for your kitchen modules

Storage Area

I cook basic meals, and store only a minimum of ingredients and utensils in my kitchen.

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Wash & Waste Area

I love trying new recipes and bring in new ingredients and wares every now and then.

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Cooking Area

I should’ve been a professional chef, I have exotic ingredients and apparatus right in my kitchen.

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Select appliances

Hobs & Cook tops
From ₹ 12,500
From ₹ 12,500
Kitchen Chimney
From ₹ 10,000
From ₹ 30,000
From ₹ 30,000

Design consultation,
at no extra cost

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Counter top Material: [[counterTop.value]] ₹ [[ counterTopPrice ]]
[[ finishOption.value ]] ₹ [[ materialPrice ]]
[[accessoryFinish.value]] ₹ [[accessoryPrice]]
[[applianceFinish.hob.value]] ₹ [[applianceFinish.hob.price]]
[[applianceFinish.chimney.value]] ₹ [[applianceFinish.chimney.price]]
[[applianceFinish.sink.value]] ₹ [[applianceFinish.sink.price]]
[[applianceFinish.microwave.value]] ₹ [[applianceFinish.microwave.price]]
[[applianceFinish.oven.value]] ₹ [[applianceFinish.oven.price]]