Know your wardrobe


Built to be exceptionally durable and long lasting, Livspace wardrobes are all crafted from high grade raw materials. From the body and doors down to hardware fixtures, every component of your wardrobe is of the very best quality. Our well informed designers will help you select the right combination of materials based on your unique budget and requirements.

Hardware Accessories

The hardware fixtures in your Livspace wardrobe, such as the hinges and drawer channels, are made from galvanised steel. Galvanization results in uniquely tough hardware, resistant to damage and corrosion. Designed as per the hardware’s function, the coating may also range from chrome to nickel.

Internal modules

Your wardrobe can be designed with four basic types of storage - fixed shelves, pull-out shelves, drawers in three sizes, and clothes rails, with an additional option of a specialized locker chamber. Based on this concept, Livspace offers over four hundred internal module combinations, which can be used as stand alone units or two or more units integrated together to give you limitless options to suit every possible size and storage requirement. Here we touch upon some popular recommendations.

Men’s wardrobes

Whether you are the one to neatly hang all his workwear or the one who prefers neatly folded shirts on shelves and boxers in a drawer, choose from a plethora of internal module configurations especially designed keeping in mind the male wardrobe and average height.

Women’s wardrobes

Introducing internal wardrobe configurations that are thoughtfully designed for the average woman’s, height with easy-reach clothes rails. While some configurations allow plenty of hanging space, some strike the perfect balance between shelves, hanging space and drawers — choose the one that best suits the clothing you already own.

Couple’s wardrobes

Sharing half of your wardrobe with your other half? Livspace makes it simple to divide space, all the while meeting each one’s different wardrobe needs. Whether you both love hanging garments or have complementary needs, find an internal combination, from numerous options, to perfectly suit both your needs.

Kid’s wardrobes

Growing kids with their growing needs, thrive with smartly designed wardrobes. With a lot of storage areas, including clothes rails, within their easy reach and some designed to be out of reach, these internal configuration options ensure your control over what can be accessed.

Add on Accessories

Livspace offers a range of add-on wardrobe accessories that help you make maximum use of available space. From storage baskets and racks to wardrobe lifts, each of these highly useful accessories are designed to help you keep your wardrobe neat and organized.


Livspace handle-less wardrobes come fitted with the innovative J profile in chrome finish, for convenient opening and closing. For those who prefer wardrobes with handles, choose from our extensive range of — contemporary handles finished in silver, chrome or SS; our antique range of classic handles; a luxe range of leather-covered handles and elegant groove handles.


Experience the widest range of cabinet, countertop and backsplash finishes for your Livspace modular wardrobe. Whether it’s a favourite color that you desire or a well-emulated authentic wood pattern, sobriety with a matt finish or high-gloss glamour — with Livspace you’d find yourself spoilt for choice.

Wardrobe interior

Perfection is in the details — with extraordinary exteriors, your Livspace wardrobes come with interior finish options to match. From a hand-selected range of finishes, ranging from textile textures to simulated-wood textures, let your Livspace designer suggest the best pairing with your selected exterior finish.

Ergonomic design for excellent functionality

Ergonomics as an applied science focuses on easy functionality and maximum user comfort. Your Livspace wardrobe takes into account your height as well as the length of your blazers, folded pants, dresses, folded sarees and more. So, if you are a woman, with an average height lesser than men, we recommend our hanging rails that are easy to reach.