Entertainment has become a major stress buster – an activity that helps friends and family unwind after a busy day. Everyone loves to kick back, huddle on the couch and spend some quality time with their loved ones, or just binge-watch on their own. Choosing your TV showcase design then becomes a crucial furniture decision.

TV showcases often come in a variety of designs and styles, each with a distinct and individual character. They are designed to aesthetically add dimensions to the living room, while also decluttering the space, thereby providing utilitarian value. While sleek, clean and contemporary designs are ruling the roost for entertainment units, there are a lot of options to choose from. 

We’ve curated 6 different types of entertainment units depending on their function and placement. Take a look at what’s hot and what’s not:

1. A TV Showcase Design for a Sectioned Wall

tv-showcase-blue panel-white-tv-unit
The blue back panel against the white wall sections the wall

This wall-mounted, simple TV showcase design for hall interior is Scandinavian and classy. It serves as a brilliant way to keep things simple and yet angular and sleek. We love the way white is used against the flooring of the living room and is a great idea for an entertainment room for families that love spending evenings together catching up on weekend specials!

The white cabinets below complement the plain blue on the background panel & the ledge right below the TV can serve as a great stand for succulents, trophies and other decor items. 

Pro Tip for White TV Showcases 

Add a pop of green to the white with succulents, short palms, or some colourful flowers in a tall vase. 

2. A Gallery TV Showcase Design

This TV unit has open and closed storage and also a pop of colour!

Cleverly designed to be a showstopper in a compact room, this functional wall showcase design for hall features a bookshelf at the top, angular open stands as display shelves on the side, and an open shelf right below the TV. The best part is they all come together to frame the TV in the centre. 

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3. A Cosy Bedroom TV Showcase Design

A TV showcase design idea for a cosy and chic bedroom

Making complete use of the wall and the colour palette chosen for the room and the space, this TV showcase design ties the entire bedroom together. This modern and chic arrangement, which also doubles up as a study table, is great for functionality. It has a simple pull-up chair that leaves you with additional space to move around your bedroom.

The TV height from the floor is perfectly aligned for the study table space to make the layout look visually and spatially pleasing altogether. 

The white background along with the cream overtones complementary to the black TV add a modern vibe to the decor in the bedroom. It is a contemporary blend of open stands and small cupboards that help create symmetry and a classy, trendy look.

4. A Corner TV Table for Compact Bedrooms

Entertainment unit idea for a compact room

For compact rooms, take the simple route. A corner tabletop TV showcase design can do wonders for your space if chosen right, and can be a great option for a budget-friendly home as well. 

Make sure the colour of your tabletop complements the colour palette you have chosen for your room. The tabletop can also double as a storage unit, with cupboards for utility, as shown. 

Pro Tip for Corner Table 

Place items like books or photo frames for display. This adds a pop of vibrant colours to the wooden finish.

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5. A Minimal TV Unit Design

A minimal TV showcase design with wallpaper to highlight it

Another TV showcase design for compact bedrooms that don’t require a lot of storage is this one. This TV showcase design for bedrooms is sleek, light and minimal. It is highlighted using a contrasting blue wallpaper that matches the colour palette in the bedroom.

The contrasting wallpaper also makes the TV wall section the focal point of the room, while the study unit beside it is muted for privacy.

6. A Multipurpose TV Showcase Design

A multipurpose TV showcase design with open and closed shelves

This TV showcase design is multipurpose in the way it uses a variety of storage modules, like the tall cabinet, open racks, closed drawers and bookshelves. This is best for your compact homes that have high storage needs. Moreover, it’s finished in economical laminate sheets that come in numerous colours, prints and finishes like glossy and matte.

Best Materials for Making TV Units

MDF is a common choice for wall showcase designs for halls, while HDF-HMR is preferred in bedrooms where there is more humidity. These two materials are far cheaper than solid wood and ply and come with a variety of finishes to suit every kind of home interior style. Homeowners also prefer finishes like laminates that are inexpensive and PU paint if they have the budget for this long-lasting finish.

How Much Do TV Units Cost?

At Livspace, we have predefined TV unit modules that are a part of our catalogue items. These include simple TV showcase designs that come with open and closed storage cabinets, optional back panels, and a wide variety of finishes. Alternatively, you can decide to get our designers to design a customised TV unit for you to suit your home better.

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Tips for Selecting Your TV Showcase Design

Choosing a TV showcase that brings your home decor and design elements together is not as tedious as you think. These designs and styles cater to the needs of an urban household. Remember to choose a showcase that is functional, eye-catching and gorgeous. But most importantly, remember to pick one that matches your own personal style! 

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How Can Livspace Help You? 

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1. Which Material Is Best for TV Units?

MDF is the best material for TV units where there is no excess humidity. Use HDF-HMR in humid conditions.

2. Which Laminate Is Best for TV Units?

Matte-finish laminates are best when it comes to TV units, as they reduce the amount of visual glare or distraction caused while you watch TV.

3. How Do You Decorate a TV Wall Unit?

You can make use of planters, picture frames, showpieces and sometimes even wallpapers to decorate your TV wall unit.