The intelligent use of light laminates and neutral colours has transformed this pied-à-terre, a.k.a 4 room resale renovation, into a gem!

This home sports light laminates

Who livs here: Sham and Rahman with their two kids

Location: Commonwealth Ave

Type of home: 4-room resale flat

Livspace team: Interior Designer Ava Gui and Project Manager Daniel Ng

Livspace service: Full house renovation, including demolition, flooring, masonry, carpentry

Budget: $$$$$

We get so many questions about design ideas revolving around resale flats. This 4 room resale renovation came in just at the right time and it’s going to show you exactly how to go about designing it. This 43-year-old flat was screaming for a makeover when a family of four decided to move in. Sham and Rahman, the couple living here, are lovers of minimal and Scandinavian design.

Now let’s see how Ava Gui, their designer, has designed a practical and homely flat, complete with the right materials and finishes. Do not miss the dining area that is incorporated in the kitchen space, yet enjoys a demarcation between the two. She has also added a lot of storage for the family in each room, so don’t miss that!


Here’s a peek into the wonderful transformation


For a family that enjoys watching movies

L-shaped sofa makes for ample seating
Recessed lights on the false ceiling look sleek
Light laminates and an elevated platform for the TV unit

Ava has completely redone every aspect of this home in this 4 room resale renovation project. From floor to ceiling, she hacked the entire place and changed it. Since the family loves sitting and watching movies together, they wanted a proper entertainment setup in their living room. Therefore, you can spot light laminates in the TV feature wall and similar flooring that extends to the wooden rafter divider on one side. Also, the light grey wall paint makes for a soothing backdrop for the TV unit with plenty of storage options.

“The best part is that Livspace was able to match our budget and provide us with an attractive IKEA voucher. This was a key element in selecting Livspace as our renovation provider.”

Sham & Rahman

Livspace homeowners

A family that cooks together, stays together

Laminate finish kitchen cabinets
A clear glass panel used for demarcating spaces
Glossy glass panel for the backsplash

If you looked at the original kitchen design before this 4 room resale renovation, you will notice that while the layout is similar, the look is completely different. Ava has kept the space easy on the eye with light laminates and a white quartz countertop. Also, a lacquered glass backsplash in a light hue of blue is the only colour in this space. Moreover, since the couple wanted a lot of storage, she has added long wall cabinets.

“Although the entire flat was quite a challenge to renovate, the kitchen was the most exciting room to work with. We explored endless possibilities,” says Ava.

Compact dining space for four

The kitchen is separated from the dining area via a glass panel. This makes the space look like a single unit, yet demarcated. You will also notice flush mount lights that impart the right illumination to this corner. Moreover, light grey paint colour on the wall creates a continuation from the living room. Articles

A bedroom redesigned to double the available space

Light laminates cover up the wardrobes
Minimal study table and ottoman are right additions to a bedroom
Balcony integrated into the bedroom
Lattice screen lets sunlight shine through in moderation

This bedroom has undergone a big ticket renovation. The extra space you see behind the divider has been created by levelling the balcony floor with the room. You can also spot a wall-to-wall laminate wardrobe that offers a lot of storage. Ava has also added a study table and an ottoman in here. We love how simple and minimalistic this room looks.

A room fit for two young boys

Bed with storage is a must for young kids
A cute accent chair for little ones

We cannot stop looking at the super cute tiny accent chair in this room dedicated to the two kids at home. A gem in this 4 room resale renovation, this bedroom has a sleek single bed with drawer storage and wardrobes similar to the other bedroom. Also, something that you’ll notice is that none of the rooms in this resale flat has any other light except flush mounts. This makes for a uniform lighting experience.

Remodelled bathrooms for every need

Neutral grey walls and flooring
Wooden vanity with storage
Common bathroom renovation done right

A major concern with most of us is the bathroom renovation in a resale flat. Since pipes cannot be concealed, designers have to work a way around cleverly hiding them. Ava refurbished the old bathrooms in this 4 room resale renovation by adding compact accessories and giving them a modern look. The master bathroom is also connected with the master bedroom and has a vanity that boasts of convenient storage.

“This project is very different as it is almost building a brand new house with everything remodeled. I enjoyed bouncing off ideas, crazy possibilities with the client. Trying to play around with different layout possibilities was also great fun!”

Ava Gui

Interior Designer, Livspace

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